Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to catch a pollack

Pollack is the most likely medium sized fish that any sea angler will encounter while out for a day's fishing. These fish are capable of growing to over 20 pounds in weight. This provide  superb sport on light tackle and even a small pollack will give a good fight  if it is given a chance with a light gear.
Fishing pollack with a rod , reel and line of 50 pound class will mean  that all the odds are stacked in the angler's favour and the fish will not be able to show it's true fighting potential.
But go fishing pollack on 12 pound class gear or even lighter , and now skill takes over the luck, such as when you get a bite and a fish takes several yards of your line and trace towards the bottom as in many seconds.
Pollack are active hunters and are capable of sudden bursts of terrific speed. If they are caught in shallov water  and on a light gear it will get the adrenaline rushing in even the most experienced anglers. This is what sport fishing is all about
Bait, tactics and traces  for fishing pollack  are as wide ranging  as the fish they are meant to catch, although there are some that stand out above all the others.

My favourite way of fishing for pollack - spinning with a lead head and jelly worm
The jelly worm you feed on to the hook can be any  colour or shape. A fire tail worm  is a favourite of mine, although every angler has his own preferences.
Once you have made your selection . attach the lead head directly to the mainline on your spinning rod. All lead heads have different shapes for particular motion in the water, so for this reason do not use a swivel as this would diminish movement.

Cast out your lead head and give it time to sink to the bottom. Once it's on the bottom you can start your retrieve. The speed of the retrieve is determined by trial and error  but once you feel a bite keep retrieving at the same speed :-) The pollack will usually chase the jelly worm until he catches it. and occasionally you can see them right  on the surface before they take.
Strike when you feel the weight of the fish. and let the fight begin.
There is a great sport in fishing pollack this way; using bait instead of, or in addition to, the jelly worm can add  to the lead head's effetiveness.

Good Luck:-)

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